I am not an orchid grower

Hello, My name is Amanda, I am not an orchid grower. I have no experience growing orchids. If you say to me, "I know about plants", yes maybe, but I know nothing about orchids. I have been growing tropical plants for the past 17 years, and I’ve gardened outdoors since I was a child, but I... Continue Reading →

Sad Plant Week

Low tech solutions for plant care in a busy life Hey, you know life happens and sometimes your plants get left behind or lost in the shuffle. For my mature large tropicals this isn’t a big deal. This is why I like big plants. They can survive a delay in watering or shift in light... Continue Reading →

January 24, 2018

Why hello there, I’m starting this website to share my hobby and love of growing things. Everything! I describe my garden as having three main areas: I have a vegetable garden that my husband and I constructed last summer; an ornamental garden, where I push my luck with growing things that shouldn’t be grown in... Continue Reading →

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